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License portal

NEW! The macle license portal (for Microsoft used software licenses)


You can find the complete overview of your already purchased used Microsoft licenses (as of July 2018) in our new license portal for used Microsoft software licenses.

The advantages at a glance

  • Clear presentation of all purchased Microsoft used software licenses (as of July 2018)
  • Intelligent filter function
  • Detailed search via search box function
  • Request for KMS license key
  • Installation file for downloading (if available)
  • Reference field for individual information
  • RDS-CAL activation

All data relevant to you is shown at a glance. An intelligent filter function quickly leads you to the license you require. You have the option of sorting the licenses chronologically (ascending or descending) with just one click on the respective category.

Search box function

We integrated a search box with free text in the portal, to simplify searching for the suitable license. This gives you the option of searching individually according to tracking number, order date, delivery date, order number or the license name.

To do so, simply enter the required search term in the search box on the top right.

Detailed view of the license

If you found the license you are looking for, you will receive a detailed view of the volume license by clicking on the arrow.

Now, you can see the delivery note number, item number, the quantity of the licenses purchased as well as the license key among other things.

ISO (installation file)

Another advantage of our portal is the downloading of the ISO.

You now have the option of directly downloading the ISO (installation file) onto your PC, if available, directly via the portal.

KMS license key

One of the significant advantages of the portal is the immediate request of the KMS license key.

With one click on the “request KMS” button, you automatically receive an email. You will be informed that we have received your request and we are going to process your request.

You will receive another email from us within a few hours, in which we inform you that the KMS license key is now available. You can find this license key in the license portal, in the exact place where you previously found the “request KMS” button.

You can now enter the KMS license key in your license server or the server of your customer as usual.

Individual information (reference field)

If you would like to record individual information on specific licenses, you can do this under the item “reference”. The following window opens with one click on the pen symbol (bottom right):

Here, you can now record all information you require on the license. These entries are also taken into consideration when making entries in the search box (top right).

RDS-CAL activation

You can now easily activate your RDS-CALs via our portal.

To do so, simply enter the registered license server ID of the server on which the remote desktop server is used in the detailed overview, under key pack ID in the field “license server ID”.

With one click on the “activate RDS-CA” button, you automatically receive an email, in which you are informed that we received and are processing your request.

You will usually receive another email from us within a few hours, in which we inform you that the activation of the RDS-CALs was successful.

Now, please return to the overview of your licenses. There you can view the detailed view of the respective license, your key pack ID for the indicated license server ID.

You can access the licensing portal via your customer account in the macle-shop.

To do so, click on the top right in the macle shop on “My account” and sign in using your access data.

(If you do not yet have an account in the macle shop, please create one here).

You can find the instructions for activating the portal here.

The portal offers you a comprehensive overview of the Microsoft used software licenses you purchased with informative details per license.

If you should have any other questions regarding the topic of used software, feel free to contact us or visit our FAQ section.

We continuously work on our licensing portal for Microsoft used software licenses and are always open for any suggestions and every idea for improvement. We would be happy to receive a message from you or pass it on to your personal contact person in our company.

Thank you for your support!